Agromino shares

In general, we may be interested in purchases of Agromino shares from the existing shareholders for 4,60 SEK/share, i.e. for the closing price on Nasdaq Stockholm on the last day of trading when the shares were delisted from the stock exchange (i.e. on 30 October 2020). Mabon will consider any offers for sale of the shares from the shareholders at above specified price.

Shareholders wishing to sell shares are able to contact us by e-mail at When contacting us, please, state the following details in your e-mail: Full name and address of shareholder, amount of shares to sell, Bank name and Account number (IBAN and SWIFT). Based on circumstances as well as our internal factors, we will get back to you with more details.

We note that we will handle each request for sale of shares separately and reserve at all times the right to accept only partial acquisition of shares offered by the shareholder or to refuse shareholders´ offer entirely.