Mabon is a fund of qualified investors, which in accordance with Section 95 (1) of Act No. 240/2013 Coll. on investment companies and investment funds collects funds or money valuables from various qualified investors by issuing participating securities and carries out joint investment of collected monetary assets or valuables on the basis of a defined investment strategy for the benefit of these qualified investors and also manages these assets. A shareholder may become a qualified investor pursuant to Section 272 of this Act.

The Company warns investors that the value of an investment in a fund may fall as well as rise, and the return on the invested amount is not guaranteed. The performance of the fund in previous periods does not guarantee the same or higher future performance. The investment in the fund is intended to yield revenue in the medium and long term, and is therefore not suitable for short-term speculation. In particular, potential investors should consider the specific risks that may arise from the Fund’s investment objectives as set out in its Statute. Investment objectives are reflected in the recommended investment horizon as well as in the fund’s fees and costs.

Detailed information can be obtained at the registered office of AVANT investiční společnost, a.s. ROHAN BUSINESS CENTER, Rohanské nábřeží 671/15 (reception B), 186 00 Prague 8 or on the webpage https://www.avantfunds.cz/cs/informacni-povinnost/

The information provided is for information purposes only and does not constitute a proposal to conclude a contract or a public offer under the provisions of the Civil Code.

Information on the processing of personal data relating to Act No. 110/2019 (CZ) on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data („GDPR“) can be found on the web pages of AVANT investiční společnost, as: www.avantfunds.cz/gdpr/.

Further important information for investors is available on the web pages of AVANT investiční společnost, a.s .: https://www.avantfunds.cz/cz/dulezite-informace/.